The CIC Membership

The CIC is an association and supported by memberships. On the one hand, CIC is funded by the membership fees of the CIC Members, on the other hand by the membership fees of Companies, Universities, lobbies and individual people. Interested individuals may acquire membership for themselves and their family. Employees from member companies benefit from a reduced rate company-based membership:

If you are employed by a CIC Membership Company, a university or a lobby member, or your children are enrolled at the International School Carinthia, you are entitled to the reduced membership fee of 25 € /year.
Please register as a Full Member.   

If you are employed by Imerys Fused Minerals , FH Fachhochschule Kärnten or the ISC International School Carinthia, Landeskrankenhaus Villach your membership fees are paid by the company or organization.
Please contact your HR department for this.

Individual membership   
If you‘re not employed by a CIC member company, please register as an Individual Member.